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Recruitment Job application
  • Technology development
    Number of recruits:1 person
    Release time: 2013-12-27

    Master degree or above;

    Major in computer, mechanical and photoelectric electronics, at least 2 years working experience;

    Over 28 years of age;

    Strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, good communication skills, strong learning ability and work efficiency.

  • Mechanical design
    Number of recruits:1 person
    Release time: 2013-12-02

    College degree or above;

    Able to AUTOCAD mechanical drawing software;

    At least one year working experience.

  • secretarial
    Number of recruits:1 person
    Release time: 2013-12-02

    Bachelor degree or above;

    Good command of office software

    Under 28 years old, more than one year working experience.

  • Engineering staff
    Number of recruits:1 person
    Release time: 2013-12-02

    Educational background

    Knowledge of electromechanical, electronic, mechanical, photoelectric and other related skills is preferred

    Under 30.

  • sales
    Number of recruits:1 person
    Release time: 2013-12-02

    College degree or above

    Major in marketing, electromechanical electronics or related field

    Over 25 years old, more than one year working experience.

  • accounting
    Number of recruits:1 person
    Release time: 2013-11-28

    Job objective:

    1. The requirements are undergraduate and above graduates

    2. Certificate of accounting profession; Student leaders are preferred

    3. Rigorous in work, strong in execution, strong stress tolerance, good communication skills and team spirit

    4. Agree with the development direction of the enterprise and be willing to start from the grassroots

    Benefits: over 3000 months: social security, family relationship 1+1, group wedding, 6 days off every month, broad promotion space, all grass-roots positions are selected from the grassroots.

    If you are interested in this position, you can send us your resume. We will inform you to attend our interview by text message within 2 weeks after you send us your resume.

  • The cashier
    Number of recruits:1 person
    Release time: 2013-11-28

    Job requirements:

    1. College degree or above within two years after graduation, no major restriction.

    2. Strong communication skills, careful and responsible.

    3. Identify with the corporate culture and development direction, and be willing to start from the grassroots.

    4. Excellent student cadre is preferred.

    Salary and benefits:

    1. Salary: 2,800-3,500 yuan, 6-7 days' monthly leave;

    2. Social security, all kinds of paid holidays (legal holidays, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc.

    3. Employees can enjoy "affection 1+1" (100 yuan company subsidy, 100 yuan provided by employees themselves, 200 yuan fixed into their parents' accounts every month), group birthday, etc.;

    4. A mooncake gift package is sent to each employee's family every Mid-Autumn festival;

    5. Car allocation benefits: the company provides car allocation for each regional manager level or above;

    6. Car learning benefits: the reserve manager trains the first three employees, the manager level and above, and the company reimburses 50% of the car learning expenses;

    7. Hold several special "collective weddings" for employees every year, all of which are held at domestic and foreign tourist sites: lijiang, sanya, Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing, Bali, maldives, etc.;

    8. The company provides a whole-process family welfare program for managers and above. The company will give wedding gifts, birth gifts, annual child nutrition subsidy, kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, college tuition subsidy, etc.

    9, the company to provide various training opportunities for staff, and gravels college according to the employee's job category, organization of all kinds of business, work, internal training related to improve the capacity and outdoor expansion, such as: new employee orientation, reserve managers, senior managers, accounting training, professional skills training and other relevant full-time paid training.

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