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Recruitment Talent idea

The core idea: give people who want to do something a chance, give them a stage, give them status and pay. Talent is the only thing that can be used.

First, the principle of combining both moral and talent. The selection and use of talents in accordance with the comprehensive measurement, the requirements of both moral and talent, insisting that there is no virtue is a mediocre person, there is no virtue is a small person, moral cannot be biased.

Second, the principle of "effect theory". In use ability, we do not look at academic record to see ability, do not look at diploma to see level, no matter what identity, what educational background, what age, want to do well only, do better than others outstanding, outstanding achievement, bold use, entrust with heavy responsibility. At present, the average age of the company's technicians and middle managers is around 35, and the average age of the workshop director is around 30. Although these people are not very old, some of them are not highly educated, but have the ability, the drive, the performance. We adhere to the "effect theory" employment mechanism, so that a large number of talents with both moral and talent stand out, become the pillars of enterprise development.

Third, practice the first principle. "The test jade must be burned for three days before it can last for seven years." Over the years, all kinds of professional talents who work in our group have been assigned to the production line of the workshop first, so that they can improve in practice, and then pass the public examination and select the best ones.

Fourth, the principle of survival of the fittest. In selecting talents, we have realized the transformation from "bole xiangma" to "choose horses on the field". Otherwise, they will be eliminated.

Fifth, the principle of "everyone is a talent". In the use of talents, the elimination of modeling and mystification, to achieve human appropriate, the amount of applicable. As long as the best talents are displayed in the right position, they are meaningful talents. According to this principle, according to the level, specialty, experience and personality of each employee, we arrange them to a relatively appropriate position. Only by making the best of their talents can we do our best to promote the sustainable, rapid and efficient development of the enterprise.

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