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Date: 2014-11-15
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1. Ceramic circuit board

With the development of automobile industrialization, the automobile industry also ushered in the largest explosion in history. Since 2009, China has replaced the United States as the world's top automobile sales market. At present, the automobile industry is developing towards electronic and intelligent development. As the information source of automobile electronic control system, automobile sensor is the key component of automobile electronic control system, which is regarded as the main direction of future development by more and more automobile manufacturers.

Automobile sensor is the input device of automobile computer system. It converts various working conditions information in automobile operation, such as speed and temperature of various media, into electrical signals, which are transmitted to computer, so as to make the engine keep good running state.

The quality of automobile sensor is related to the safety performance of automobile. With the focus on technology, there are higher and higher requirements on the quality of the sensors, so strict standards are set when purchasing parts. Conventional automotive sensors use metal based circuit boards, which cannot match the requirements of high configuration. After many studies and tests by manufacturers, the most stable and reliable ceramic circuit boards are selected.

Ceramic circuit board is very important in improving the overall quality of automobile sensors. It has many advantages that cannot be compared with traditional circuit board, which are mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. Higher thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of traditional aluminum based circuit board MCPCB is 1 ~ 2w/mk, the thermal conductivity of copper itself is 383.8w/mk, but the thermal conductivity of insulation layer is only about 1.0w/mk, which can reach 1.8w/mk, the thermal conductivity of alumina ceramics is 15 ~ 35 w/mk, the thermal conductivity of alumina ceramics is 170 ~ 230 w/mk, and the thermal conductivity of copper base plate is 2w/mk. Ceramic substrate adopts ceramic sheet as substrate, without insulation layer, the heat on copper wire is directly transferred to the ceramic sheet, which completely preserves the thermal conductivity of the ceramic sheet.

2. More matched coefficient of thermal expansion. The material of sensor chip is generally silicon. The thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic and chip is close to each other, which will not cause the problem of line unsoldering and internal stress due to too large deformation when the temperature difference changes dramatically.

3. Corrosion resistance. As we all know, when a car runs, the internal parts of the body are in a very harsh environment, often under high temperatures and strong corrosion. Metal corrosion is reported to cause an average loss of $150 to $250 per vehicle per year worldwide, and there are many recalls caused by corrosion of auto parts. The ceramic circuit board USES inorganic non-conductive ceramics as the base material, and then the metal is directly in contact with the ceramics, which has strong corrosion resistance, and will not damage the sensor as the metal base material.

Since slyton was officially put into production, it has cooperated with several automobile manufacturers and won high praise from manufacturers with mature technology and excellent service.

With the expansion of the domestic automobile market, the demand for automobile sensors is bound to rise in the future. In fact, when the technology has been quite mature, the product has tended to be homogenized, how to choose a better brand, manufacturers have to consider more issues.

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