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Date: 2014-11-15
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The main application of zirconia ceramic materials in medical instruments

1. Application in atomizer

The zirconia ceramic material has high toughness, good thermal insulation, not easy to damage, and good stability. The zirconia atomizer adopts the integrated zirconia ceramic smoke nozzle, which can support the atomization operation of multiple air intake holes and generate large amount of smoke.

2. Application of zirconia ceramic plunger

The high-precision zirconia ceramic plunger is used for clinical use, and is compressed by static pressure technology, which can prevent the shedding between ceramic materials and metal cores, with high hardness and low thermal conductivity, and can withstand high temperature and corrosion resistance up to 2000 degrees. The working face of zirconia ceramic plunger has the function of self-lubrication, which improves the disadvantages of traditional plunger pump that needs to be lubricated by sliding. The surface is polished to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Zirconia ceramic pile plug as a part is widely used in pile pump.

3. Application in tooth repair

High quality biozirconia ceramics are widely used in dental dental restorative treatment. After static pressure molding and sintering, combined with CAD/CAM technology, they can be made into the shape matching the patient's teeth, and then installed on the repaired part of the patient's teeth. Zirconia ceramics can be used to make zirconia prostheses, which have high strength and low contractility, and can be used to repair partial fixed dentures of anterior and posterior teeth, and to change the dark gingivae of other materials. There have been many successful clinical cases. The zirconia ceramic root pile is made of zirconia ceramic material, which has good biocompatibility and aesthetic property. The high strength and toughness can meet the requirements of dental post nails, and can be used to make post core, which has good light transmittance and mechanical property.

The zirconia ceramic material is applied to dental implantation. Aluminum zirconia foundation piles can be made to repair the loss of single teeth. The embryoid formed by the sintering of zirconia ceramics and other materials can be used for cutting operations. Zirconia ceramic substrate has good fracture resistance.

4. Application of zirconia ceramic operating knife

Zirconia ceramics has excellent mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, as the material of the knife, can effectively avoid the steel knife precipitation of metal ions, through the unique processing technology can achieve more sharp blade, sharpness from steel knife 0.5 0.8 to 0.2-0.3, can make the process more smooth incision with the operating knife, is beneficial to the recovery of wounds, wound healing time can be more than the original 7 days to 5 days or so.

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