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The difference between zirconia ceramics and metal materials in elastic deformation

Date: 2018-07-09
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Although zirconia ceramic is a kind of material that is not easy to separate, it will undergo certain deformation under certain external force action, and this deformation is reversible, that is, once the external force on zirconia ceramics is removed, the original shape can be restored.

If it is a metal material, it usually goes through two stages of elastic deformation and plastic deformation before fracture under the static tensile load at room temperature. However, zirconia ceramic materials will not be like this, it generally does not appear plastic deformation stage, brittle fracture immediately after elastic deformation of extremely small strain, elongation and surface shrinkage are almost zero.

As far as metal materials are concerned, even very brittle cast iron has good tensile strength, but zirconia ceramics are different, so its elastic modulus is much higher when compressed than when stretched, which can produce small amount of compressive plastic deformation.

The test results show that the elastic modulus of zirconia ceramic materials is much larger than that of metals, and the elastic modulus of zirconia ceramic materials is not only related to bonding bonds, but also related to the types, distribution ratio and porosity of constituent phases, because the forming and sintering process of ceramics have a significant impact on the elastic modulus.

As a brittle material, zirconia ceramics compress much more strongly than they stretch. Moreover, compared with metal materials, it has good resistance to creep at high temperature and has certain plasticity at high temperature, so zirconia ceramic materials can be applied at high temperature.

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